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Welcome to Divine Smile Java Week day batch at Felight

Welcome to Divine Smile Java Week day batch at Felight

Dear Student,
You just joined the world class training institute where quality of the training is at it’s peek. With the help of this software ( Felight Innovation Labs) we are now offering far more superior quality training than any one else in India.

Key Points :

1. We track all you activities at
2. Ravi or Triveni from placement department will continuously monitor your progress.
3. Every assignment you submit is evaluated and marks will be allocated by no other than Mr. Vinay Noah.
4. In Leaderboard yourself you can see the statics of your performance and who is performing well in your batch.
5. Placement is arranged only if you submit your assignments in time and attend test and complete all the daily task assigned by Vinay Noah.

Just one last thing: Just do whatever we say with sincerity and let us take care of you placement part 🙂 & Please do read above key points carefully.

All the best
Vinay Noah
Flamboyanz Software PVT LTD – Director & CEO
Felight – Co-Founder
CauveryKart – Co-Founder

About vinaynoah

I am no one. In fact there is no 1. I am you, I am no where and I am everywhere, If you are pure then u see the utter pureness in me, If you are ugly u will see the height of it in me. I am just your mirror. There is nothing I achieved and there is nothing to achieve. All is here at this moment, right here right now. Come and share my Joy. Lets celebrate :-)

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