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[Kabali] Google Maps steps

[Kabali] Google Maps steps

Steps for genereating API key and restricting it to our app
in google cloud

2. create new project & go to libraries & enable Google Maps Android api and enable it
3. Go to Credentials & create credentials then choose API Key then copy the key generate keep for later use & then click on RESTRICT KEY, Under key restriction choose Android Apps, then click on add package with package name is same as you project package name and SHA-1 certificate fingerprint should be generate using below command

keytool -list -v -keystore mystore.keystore
where mystore.keystore is the file present in

Steps in our app
1. Open build.gradle (Module:app) file add below line in dependency
compile ‘’
sync project and make sure your project is error free

2. new > Google > GoogleMapsActivity
3. copy API key to google_maps_api.xml

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