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[JMaestros] [Core Java Day 17] I/O

[JMaestros] [Core Java Day 17] I/O

Topics covered:

  1. Console Input.
  2. Command Line Arguments.
  3. Writing Text/Data to a Text File.











  1. Successfully run Spring STS.
  2. Create a new project called ‘myapp’ and class called ‘Namaste’ in package called ‘com.felight.myapp.test’ and print one ‘Hello World’ statement.
  3. In System.out.println , what is ‘System’ , ‘out’ and ‘println’.
  4. Project as described below:(Version 1)

Create one project with the name as ‘Algorithm Bench marking Console App’ and then write a program where user should enter the size of array and hence choose any one of the given options: 1. Best Case(Generate Sorted Array), 2. Average Case(Random Array) and 3. Worst Case(Sorted Array in Descending Order). Also the user will have to choose from the given six sorting algorithms: 1. Bubble sort, 2. Selection sort, 3. Insertion Sort, 4. Merge Sort, 5. Heap Sort and 6. Quick Sort and hence Bench mark all the mentioned algorithms and print the time consumed for each of them.

(Note: Always clone the array before sorting the array and send the cloned array as input to the sorting process)

5. Project (Version 2): Add multi-threading feature to the above version 1.

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