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[jMaestors] [Java Basics Day 8] Loops

[jMaestors] [Java Basics Day 8] Loops

Topics we Studied :


  1. While Loop
  2. Do While
  3. for loop
  4. for each ( Not Covered but mentioned in the class)
  5. while loop scenarios
  6. for loop scenarios

Assignments :

  1. Execute each and every scenario and write explanations
  2. Print All even numbers from 0 to 100 using while loop
  3. Print All odd numbers from 100 to 200 using do while
  4. Print even number from 1000 to 1020 using for loop
  5. Print Odd numbers 500 to 600 using for loop
  6. WTP to check if a number is Prime or Not
  7. WTP to check if a number is Divisible by 6 using for loop
  8. WTP to print Prime numbers from 100 to 200 using for loop
  9. WTP to print number from 100 to 200 which are divisible by 6 using for loop
  10. WTP to print fibonacci series
  11. Benchmark while loop and for loop for time complexity for 90 lakhs iterations

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