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[jMaestors] [Java Basics Day 4] Identifiers

[jMaestors] [Java Basics Day 4] Identifiers

Topics we Studied :


  1. Identifiers & rules involved in naming an Identifier
  2. Variables
  3. Declaring a variable
  4. Declaring and initialising a variable in same line
  5. Initializing more than one variable in the same line
  6. Declaring and then initialising a variable in two lines
  7. Using a variable in its own expression
  8. Pre Increment and Post Increment of Variable
  9. Pre Decrement and Post Decrement


Assignments :

  1. Write a program to calculate Speed
  2. Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and visa versa ( Two Programs )
  3. Area of a Triangle
  4. Area of a Rectangle where value of Diagonal and one side is given

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